I am of course certain that the book will uncover many previously unknown facts about the Radio Nord story, mainly what went on behind the scenes among the politicians and bureaucrats. Along that line I will also present many facsimiles of documents which will amaze those interested in what went on in the corridors of power. Almost anything were regarded as fair play when it came to stopping the pirate radio ship. That’s one part of the story.

Another one altogether is the behind the scenes narrative of what went on at the radio station itself. I think I have that pretty well figured out, although former employees that I have talked with sometimes give different accounts of what really happened on a specific occasion. I have tried to figure out the most probable version, often backed up with written sources as newspaper clippings, memos, letters and so on.

I have also unearthed some never before published photos saved by the people interviewed. What has made me very happy is pictures on board the boat Bon Jour, taken by radio technicians and crew members. In the last few weeks publisher Wilhelm Wendt and Roger Holegård, head of the image archive, at Premium Publishing have also found great pictures of a marathon dance gala arranged by Radio Nord and the concert at Kungliga Tennishallen in Stockholm where Radio Nord special favorite Jay Epae performed.

The book will also feature a special Top 20-supplement with 254 all the entries on Radio Nord’s weekly hit list. To illustrate the lists Roger has searched his archive of record covers (singles and EP’s) and artist photos. I am sure this part of the book will be a great success among record collectors and aficionados of the music of the time.